Dry January: Time to Uncork the Mysteries Behind No & Low Alcoholic Drinks

Hello friends! Today marks the beginning of our new blog post series about the diverse world of non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages. Every Friday in January we’ll uncork the mysteries and celebrate the artistry behind non-alcoholic wines, proxy wines, spirits, and beers.

Here is an overview of what’s ahead:

Blog Post 1: "From grapes to glass – The Art and Science Behind Dealcoholized wine”

In the opening post, we dive into the world of dealcoholized wines, where grapes take center stage, and intoxication takes a backseat. From vineyard to cellar, we explore the meticulous process of crafting wines that retain the essence of the grape, the terroir, and the soul of traditional wines, sans the alcohol-induced haze.

Blog Post 2: "Proxy Wines – Botanical Drinks That are Changing the Game"

We are stepping into a garden of delights as we unravel the allure of proxy wines. These botanical drinks have redefined the spirit of wine in the past years and we’ll explore how master blenders choreograph a mix of flavors, infusing the drinks with the essence of juniper, herbs, and spices.

Blog Post 3: "Spirited Alternatives – Crafting Brilliance Beyond Alcohol"

In the third post in our series we’ll jump into the world of non-alcoholic spirits. From the elegance of botanical blends to the alchemy of distillation techniques, we unveil the sophistication and complexity that master distillers bring to alcohol-free alternatives. 

Blog Post 4: "Brewing Boundless – The No & Low Beer Revolution"

Our series concludes with a frothy celebration in the world of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers. From hoppy escapades to malty discoveries, we'll explore the brewing brilliance that caters to every beer lover. Join us in raising a glass to the innovation that has transformed no and low-alcohol beers into a vibrant and flavorful category.

Whether you're looking for new taste experiences, alcohol alternatives, or just curious about the stories behind your favorite drinks, our series has aimed to quench that thirst for both information and refreshment. Stay tuned for more as our series continues to uncover different layers of the non-alcoholic drink world. We hope to see you back here every Friday this month for more reading.


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