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Källsjö Bryggeri & Smaksmedja

Noble Crane Oolong

Noble Crane Oolong

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Bringing a refreshing allure and boasting distinct flavors of white peach, apricot, lychee, and butter, this beverage epitomizes finesse and sophistication. Whether enjoyed solo or paired with a meal, it delights the palate. It particularly complements exotic dishes rich in tropical fruits and serves as a superb accompaniment to fish or light meats. This Oolong also pairs excellently with various cheeses and even chocolate. Serving between 8-12°C allows its vibrant and fruity essence to flourish.

Pairing: Perfectly complements exotic dishes featuring tropical fruits, or serves as an excellent match with fish or light meat dishes.

Ingredients: Oolong (Anahui) China, ecological sugar (4,4 %), natural yeast- and bacteria culture. Sugar Content: 4,8g/100ml. No sulfites, may contain allergenes.

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