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Savhuset Åre

Sav Norrsken

Sav Norrsken

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Dramatic and unique beverage. Birch sap has been carefully flavored with natural spices and rhubarb so that a balanced and expressive aroma and taste emerge. The drink is best enjoyed cold and suitable for all seasons.

Alcohol content: 0.5% vol

Color: Clear, faint lemon-colored.

Aroma: Rhubarb, peach, mallow, cardamom, and yellow pear.

Taste: Fresh and slightly floral at first. Then tones of yellow pear, rhubarb, grilled lemon, and kumquat emerge. Finishes with a nice spiciness.

Pairs with: As an aperitif. Suitable for canapés and other appetizers or simply as a pleasant social drink. Also works well as a complement in a cocktail.

Serving temperature: 4-8 °C.

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